Surat Bisaya [NEW] writes:

“Surat Bisaya was devised in September 2012 by Zurocha from the Philippines. It is based primarily on Baybayin as in the Bisaya Hervas font, but also has major influences from Badlit, Hanunuo and Akopito’s Suwat Bisaya. It is named Surat Bisaya because it was developed first and foremost for the Bisaya (Cebuano) language (the Kana dialect to be specific,) but also supports Tagalog, Japanese, Okinawan and most Philippine languages that follow the same phonetic structure as Bisaya, Waray and Tagalog.”

A font is available HERE.

The Surat Bisaya character set, as displayed at

Needless to say, we are pretty embarrassed that we have so little information about this script, and even what we have is second hand. If you can add to our meagre store of knowledge, please contact us.

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