Sambalpuri [NEW]

At the funeral of the late Mrs Chitra Sahu, her son used this language and the Sambalpuri script to write his mother’s name with marigold flowers. Photo by Hemakanta Sahu.





The Sambalpuri Script (or Sambalpuri lipi) is a Brahmic script used to write primarily Sambalpuri (or Samalpuri) language which also known as Samalpuri language of the historic Hirakhand state, now western Odisha. The script was invented in the year 2005 by Hemakanta Sahu, a government school teacher and linguistic researcher.

He started the invention process in 1998 and after a number of experiments developed a complete set of alphabetic and numeric symbols, ultimately writing the first primer in this script.

Sambalpuri Lipi Din (Script Day) is observed by the Sambalpuri Bhasa Akademi, Sambalpur at Nuangujatal, Hirakud on 27th September.

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Teaching Sambalpuri. Photo by Hemakanta Sahu.