N’Ti [NEW]

The 27-letter N’Ti script was created for the Soninke language of Mali in 1984-85 by Dama Konte, who took on the primary teaching responsibilities, including developing and maintaining a Facebook page. Nearly forty years later, it is not only still in use but is being taught in person and through WhatsApp by more than twenty teachers, and a teaching app is being developed by Amaro Ajang Luar.

The script, which is read from left to right, has been recognized by the government of Mali, and there is evidence that it is taught there. Beyond this, our knowledge of N’Ti is threadbare, and we would love to hear from anyone who has firsthand knowledge that will add to our understanding of this highly local but resilient script.


N’Ti script lesson on YouTube, courtesy Ibrahim Dramé Saama Yara Gille.

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