Jhar [NEW]

The Jhar script was created for the Panchpargania language of Jharkhand by Dr. Karamchandra Ahir. In 2008, according to the Telegraph of India, Amir was one of five teachers to be honoured with the President’s award for distinguished services in the education field.

“During Ahir’s stint at several primary schools in Tambajudi village in Naxalite-affected Musabani block and Tirildih in Potka block,” the paper reported, “these villages were declared 100 per cent literate.

“A farmer’s son, Ahir, who teaches Hindi and English and is due to retire next year, did his PhD from Ranchi University in 2003.

“Hailing from Phulwaria (Rahe) village in Sonahatu block, Ahir finished his schooling from Rahe Uchcha Vidyalaya before graduating from Birsa College, Khunti.”

However, according to the scant information we’ve dug up, the script has not yet been adopted because of disagreements between different Panchpargania communities. Needless to say, we would like to hear from anyone who has first-hand knowledge of the situation.

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