Drenjongke [NEW]

Samar Sinha, Coordinator of the Endangered Languages Programme of Sikkim University, writes:

Drenjongkhe (and its several alternate spellings) is a community in Sikkim too. Historically a migrant community from Tibet, settled in Sikkim. Hence, this migrant came to be known as Drejongkhe/Sikkimese Bhutia to distinguish from the Tibetans (refugees after the Chinese occupation). Their language and script, hence, known by the same name. Contact Juha <j_yliniemi@hotmail.com><juha.yliniemi@safarimail.net>. I was associated as his advisor in SU regarding his PhD on a Grammar of Denjongkhe. Currently, he is in Finland. Kindly give my reference, he will help. The knows how to read and write the script.

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