Caytu Wolof [NEW]

A new script, called Caytu, for the Wolof language of Senegal, the Gambia and Mauritania. Wolof already has been written in several scripts including Latin, Wolofal, and the indigenously-created Garay, but this new script by Cheikh Talibouya Seck (who grew up speaking Wolof and learned French and then English) differs from all of them.

In a series of emails, he explained, “I decided to do so because I believe that each nation must develop its own cultural elements. It makes the world a more varied, more interesting, less boring place. As for the methods I used, it’s simple : I made several tests, and eliminated everything that seemed too ugly, too complicated, not original enough, until I reached this result. Which remains perfectible. My main goal was to have an easy to use and elegant alphabet.”

This entry is what Wikipedia calls a “stub”–that is, we know very little, we wish we knew more, and we’d love to hear from anyone who can add to our sad little stub of knowledge.


Latitude: 14° 51′ 59.99″ N
Longitude: -12° 30′ 59.99″ W