Bozo Ideograms [NEW]

The Bozo people are an ethnic Mande group who live mainly along the Niger River in Mali. Wikipedia tells us, “the name Bozo is thought to derive from the Bambara for word ‘straw house’; the people accept it as referring to the whole of the ethnic group but use more specific clan names such as Sorogoye, Hain, and Tieye themselves. They are famous for their fishing, and are occasionally referred to as the ‘masters of the river.'”

The only reference we’ve found to Bozo ideograms is in a Malian blog that shows an obelisk, a monument to traditional cultures and their scripts at Hamdallaye, Mali, which symbolizes the unity of four of the country’s principal cultures.


Mamadou, the blogger, writes: “The obelisk has writing characters of different ethnic Mali on its sides as well as signs of the alphabet N’ko, ideograme of ethnic Bozo, Dogon and Bambara.”


The left face of the obelisk in this photo is therefore apparently Bozo ideograms.

Let’s face it, this profile is not just what Wikipedia calls “a stub”–it’s the stub of a stub. If you have any helpful information, please contact us!

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