Babao Songbook Script [NEW]

In the Journal of Chinese Writing Systems 2023, Vol 7(2) 79–85, Professor Bojun Sun writes:

In the year 2009, [a] handwritten songbook was found at a Zhuang Village in Babao Town of Guangnan County, Yunnan Province. After 2018, a research group of the “Investigation and database establishment on newly discovered ancient writings of ethnic minorities,” led by Li Jinfang, launched another investigation in Babao Town, when 802 unduplicated symbols were found on shoulder poles, on bamboo tubes, on bottle gourds, and on scab­bards, in which there were 26 symbols same or similar to those in the Poya Songbook.

Needless to say, we are fascinated, and wish we knew more.  If you have any information or contacts, please don’t hesitate, etcetera.

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